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Couple’s Package

Couple’s Package:  A 360 assessment of your relationship

Find out how your partner’s perceptions of you compares to your own self-assessment. You might be surprised at the results. It is called a 360 because it provides a full picture.

The couple’s package provides an opportunity to clearly perceive the differences in your experience and perceptions of each other. How you view yourself is probably not exactly how your partner views you. This powerful 360 assessment model give you both an opportunity to share and discuss issues and perceptions of each other that you may not have ever directly communicated.

Take your relationship to the next level!

How does it work?

It is very simple. You get a total of 4 assessments. You take the first assessment and rate yourself. Next, answer the LFI again, but now answer each item according to how you perceive your partner.  Now, use the third assessment for the other partner’s self-evaluation, and finally use the fourth assessment for your partner to answer each item with their perception of you.

Step One:  Once you have the results, review your responses and the interpretive information. Next, look at your partner’s perception of you. Note any differences for further discussion.

Each partner does step One alone.

Step Two: Next, Now share your self-rating results with each other.  This is a good time to share any thoughts your feelings you have about your results and ask any questions you might have for your partner.  For now, just stay focused upon your individual results.

Step Three:  Now share your ratings of each other. If there are differences between how you view yourself and how your partner views you, and there probably will be, discuss each scale and share the basis for your ratings.

Finally, if you would like your partner to reflect on any particular dimension, please make some suggestions on how he/she might behave towards you to enhance your connection to create a more loving relationship.