Love Factor Inventory Introspection Guide

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Thank you for your interest in the Love Factor Inventory and Your Personal Development

Percentile Scores of 80% and above suggests you have well developed skills and the psychological foundation to be a good partner in a committed relationship.  Whatever your percentile score, you might consider taking the complete LFI to obtain a more detailed picture of your strengths and identify those areas of your functioning that might need improvement.  The Love Factor Inventory is based upon our national sample with normative scores and percentile rankings that create interpretative results comparing you with others across the United States.

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Obtain scientifically accurate information about your relationship skills and find out the skill level of a potential partner before you find out the hard way!

The Love Factor Inventory looks at critical issues surrounding your ability to sustain long-term relationships and provides essential information for individuals and couples.

Research has shown that those scoring higher on the LFI tend to have more stable and enduring intimate relationships. The LFI is not designed to assess levels of psychopathology or to provide any particular diagnosis. It is an educational tool that can help you to learn more about yourself with regards to relationships.

It is possible to improve your skills and enhance your ability to develop and sustain meaningful and loving relationships. The LFI is designed to give you information to help you learn about yourself and provide direction for self-improvement.

The LFI was standardized on over 2,000 subjects, ages 14 to 73, from 11 states. Specific norms exist for both men and women and African Americans.

Special Gift:  I have added a link to the bottom of the PDF report to a wonderful guided meditation I created many years ago. It is called “Inspiration for Meditation” and will help you awaken to the love and peace that is within you. Meditation is a powerful tool to open your heart and fill you with Divine love. I know you will like this.