Terms of Service

I understand that all information provided on https://www.lovefactorinventory.com is for educational purposes only. It is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any physical, psychological or medical condition. I will use my best judgment on how to apply information and consult a licensed professional if I have a need for professional care.

I realize that Dr. Mann or the Love Factor Inventory, LLC  are not making any claims or guarantees on how this information from the Love Factor Inventory will personally help me. I hold them harmless for any lack of progress that I might make, for any relationship issues that I might have, or any personal mental, emotional, or physical conditions that might occur as a result of my purchasing, taking, reading, and or sharing my results from the Love Factor Inventory.  By purchasing and using the Love Factor Inventory, I agree to all these Terms of Service.

I (the client) hereby release Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D. (RLM) and the Love Factor Inventory, LLC (LFI, LLC)  and any of its agents, coaches or employees from the following liabilities:

1. I release RLM & (LFI, LLC)  from any misinterpretation of communications, instructions or directions. I warrant that I am fully competent to understand these communications and fully acknowledge my responsibility for any misinterpretations that may occur. 

2. I release RLM & (LFI, LLC)  from any corporate or personal liability for the financial or legal impact of my or any of my employee’s or representative’s actions with or against the interests, person or property of others and am responsible for obtaining my own professional legal advice required prior to taking any such actions that involve potential legal or financial risk. 

3. I release RLM & (LFI, LLC)  from any liability for physical or psychological impact that may result during my or my company’s engagement with the program. I acknowledge that any medical or psychological events that occur during such participation are my responsibility alone and not something that could be caused in any way by my participation in this assessment. 

4. I release any claim to program materials or data generated by my coach during the coaching sessions or resulting from them. I acknowledge that any materials generated by RLM & (LFI, LLC)  are theirs and I have no right to limit their further use of such ideas or materials.

5. I release the right to RLM & (LFI, LLC)  to use any and all information that may be necessary to their making referrals of myself to other companies or individuals for the purpose of forwarding my project, unless I specifically request what information should be withheld.

6. I release RLM & (LFI, LLC)  from any liability for any physical, psychological, financial or other impact to myself or others that results from any referral made by them for the purpose of forwarding my development.

7. I release (LFI, LLC)  from any claim by me against them for any failure on my part to produce the results of my coaching program.

8.  If I choose to use the LFI, LLC referral network to find a coach, therapist, or minister certified in the use of the Love Factor Inventory, I understand it is my responsibility to vet any professional regarding his/her professional competency. I release the LFI, LLC or Dr. Mann from any liability for the psychological impact resulting from coaching or therapy sessions with anyone listed in the referral network. I understand that the LFI, LLC or Dr. Mann do not certify the professional competency of anyone in their referral network, only that they have been trained to understand and interpret the results of the LFI, not in their therapeutic application.

8. That this is a full and final release of any and all claims arising out of said sessions with Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D. and/or the Love Factor Inventory, LLC or my personal relationship with Ronald L. Mann and expressly includes, but is not limited to, all unknown and unanticipated physical or psychological impact or injuries, loss of services and consortium and damages resulting from said sessions with Ronald L. Mann or the use of the Love Factor Inventory as well as those now disclosed.