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I understand that all information provided on https://www.lovefactorinventory.com is for educational purposes only. It is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any physical or psychological condition. I will use my best judgment on how to apply information and consult a licensed professional if I have a need for professional care.  I realize that Dr. Mann is not making any claims or guarantees on how this information from the Love Factor Inventory will personally help me. I hold him harmless for any lack of progress that I might make, for any relationship issues that I might have, or any personal mental, emotional, or physical conditions that might occur as a result of my purchasing, taking, and reading my results from the Love Factor Inventory.  By purchasing and using the Love Factor Inventory, I agree to all these Terms of Service.

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Remember Your Benefits from the LFI Are:

  • Scientific Assessment of Your Relationship Skills.
  • Facilitates Deeper Introspection.
  • Learn to Deepen Your Capacity to Develop and Sustain Intimate Loving Relationships.
  • Get a Realistic View of Your Spiritual Integration.
  • Facilitate a Deeper Communication and Understanding in Your Primary Relationship.
  • Discover What You Don’t Know So You Can Take Your Life to the Next Level!
  • Learn More About a Potential Partner Before You Find Out the Hard Way.
  • Enhance Your Ability to Fully Express Your Spiritual Values in Everyday Life.

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