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Are You Ready to Create and Sustain the Love You Want?

Assess Your Skills in the Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions for Intimate, Loving Relationships

A Scientifically Valid Assessment to Find Out How to Create the Love You Want!

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Obtain scientifically accurate information about your relationship skills and find out the skill level of a potential partner before you find out the hard way!

Benefits of the LFI

  • Scientific Assessment of Your Relationship Skills.
  • Get a 28 Page Interpretive Report!
  • Facilitates Deeper Introspection.
  • Learn to Deepen Your Capacity to Develop and Sustain Intimate Loving Relationships.
  • Get a Realistic View of Your Spiritual Integration.
  • Facilitate a Deeper Communication and Understanding in Your Primary Relationship.
  • Discover What You Don’t Know So You Can Take Your Life to the Next Level!
  • Learn More About a Potential Partner Before You Find Out the Hard Way.
  • Enhance Your Ability to Fully Express Your Spiritual Values in Everyday Life.

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Dr. Mann gives a brief introduction to the LFI.

The LFI Scales Measure:


One’s ability to empathize with another person’s situation based upon a fuller under­standing of that person’s reality.


One’s capacity to develop mature, meaningful, long-standing, and dependable relation­ships.


One’s ability to sustain close interper­sonal contact.


One’s style of expression between the masculine and feminine aspects of the Self.

Primitive Self

One’s ability to perceive and accept the darker, more primitive parts of the Self.

Psychological Adjustment

One’s level of freedom from debilitating psychological conflicts.

Romantic Love

The degree to which one believes in romantic love and “true” love.


One’s level of respect for oneself and for others.


One’s sensitivity to others and ability to grasp subtle changes in others’ moods.


One’s experience of relationship with the Divine and one’s sense of unity with all creation.


One’s level of trust and faith in life as a positive, purposive experience.

Testimonials About the LFI

Simply stated, Dr. Ron Mann’s Love Factor Inventory (LFI) is a uniquely sophisticated self-assessment that provides invaluable insight to an individual’s capacity to love. The design of the assessment holistically targets the most important and most universal aspects of a healthy, wholesome and thriving relationship. It provides specific results that validates the individual’s strengths and points out areas that warrant a significant degree of development. The LFI recognizes the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual qualities that we all possess and its impact on the dynamics of relationships.
After taking the LFI, I was amazed at how accurate my report described the level of impression and expression I bring to my relationships, specifically my spouse and my friends. Among the results, I was given insight to two out of the thirteen elements that were below average. Although I did not expect to score so low in those areas, I found the rationale in the results to be a recognizable trait and I became cognizant of the implications. The report, in its totality, provided me with the encouragement to sustain the strengths that I was shown to have and also to make a sincere effort to strengthen the areas I need to develop.
Not only do I appreciate and respect the LFI as a tool to develop one’s capacity to love in a given relationship, I marvel at its potential to invoke empathy and caring on a much broader scale.
Dr. Paul Mohr, Jr.
Dr. Paul Mohr, Jr.
With a happy and healthy 38-year relationship with my wife, I did not think I would benefit from taking the LFI. After all, I seem to have this whole loving relationship thing figured out, right? What a surprise. My Love Factor Inventory results emphatically pointed to an area of weakness that was completely unexpected. I scored relatively well in all other categories, but the stark difference in this single area when compared to the others was very startling. Amazingly, after reading the analysis of my results, this area of weakness correlated perfectly with what has become a seemingly never-ending repetition of negative experiences I have had in my professional business. In the last 12 years I have experienced numerous professional set-backs and difficulties. The LFI indicated that these negative experiences relate directly to the area where I scored much lower than all the other categories. What an eye-opener. Thank you, Dr. Mann, for putting all the time and effort into creating this test. I would have never gone to a counselor or psychologist to see if a personality trait might be contributing to these negative experiences and outcomes.
Sam S.
Sam S.
The Love Factory Inventory is a powerful and enlightening experience for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and improve the quality of their significant relationship. The report alone reveals a depth of information useful for conversation starters. It is ideal, though, to explore your results with the guidance of a coach who will guide you towards greater understanding and self-awareness.
Fran Fisher, MCC
I, for instance was surprised that my self-respect was so low. Then, I went back and read more about it and some of the things that were involved, such as listening to your inner child more closely and clearing up relationships from the past. Forgiving others, if they had hurt you. That made sense to me. The explanation part was very useful.
Having recently completed the Love Factor Inventory, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some feedback. Over the years, I have taken a number of personality tests. The LFI test is unusual in that it combines both testing accuracy with excellent analysis. My individual test results were spot on. The accompanying advice was helpful and pointed me in a direction that makes sense. I am looking forward to exploring the suggestions provided in the LFI.
The Love Factor Inventory (LFI) was an easy application to use. The questions were direct and easily understood. The tool was helpful in that it confirmed I am interested and ready for an intimate relationship if the right person appeared. I can see how effective it would be for couples to use as a starting point for conversations where scores varied widely between rating yourself and being rated by your partner. The important fact as with any survey is to be perfectly honest and willing to accept the opportunities for improvement as presented in the scoring. This appears to be a very thoughtful and thought provoking platform to launch and sustain a long term and intimate relationship.
Gyana Bays
Gyana Bays

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