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Mindfulness Meditation and More!

  • Have you tried meditation, but it did not work for you?
  • Do want to learn how to meditate, but don’t know where to go?
  • Would you like to learn more advanced meditation techniques for self-healing?
  • Do you want to lower your stress and have more inner peace?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating and maintaining focus?

I have been practicing and teaching meditation for almost 50 years. I have selected the best audio and video programs I have created in my work as a spiritual teacher, sport’s psychologist, Executive Coach, and healer and created an online meditation training program for basic to advanced meditation training.

People often tell me that have tried meditation, but it does not work for them. It turns out they are not using good techniques that actually work. If you don’t have proper training and good techniques, you will not get the results you want.

The Mindfulness Meditation program has more than 4 hours of guided meditations which provide training for mindfulness, chakra energy awakening, stress reduction, end of life support for Hospice patients, personal awakening and more!

This program is worth more than $300.00 and I have offering this for only $24.95! 

If you would like to learn more and hear a sample, please go to https://ronmann.com/courses/meditation/.

If you have any questions, please contact me at mannr@ronmann.com

Blessings of Peace and Love,

Ronald L Mann, Ph.D.

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The LFI Process: A Pathway to the Self

Hispanic Couple

  • Begin a Sacred Process of Self Discovery and Transformation.
  • Move Past the limitations and ignorance of the Ego to Perceive the Wisdom and Love that resides in your Heart and Soul.
  • Explore the Wonder and Richness that resides within you.“The test was brilliant, truly spot-on (if one is honest when taking it), and gave significant inroads; an accurate picture and place to start to heal and be whole.”
    A. Utah

Thank you for your interest in the Love Factor Inventory (LFI). Perhaps you have taken the Free Introspective Guide which is a mini version of the complete assessment process. The LFI is more than a test which gives you a score. It can be a “Sacred Process: A Pathway to the Self” when approached with an honest desire and the courage to introspect and look within.

Ramana Maharshi suggested we ask ourselves one simple question, “Who Am I?” Most people have no idea of their true Self. They live on the surface without an authentic connection to the Self. They are unaware of the greater potential of a life filled with wisdom, strength, peace, contentment, and love guided by the Higher Self or Soul. Too many get caught in the never-ending quest for more material gain. Material success is great, but without Inner Realization of the Essential Self, it will not bring lasting happiness nor inner peace.

The Covid pandemic has placed a great deal of stress and anxiety on millions of people, both the young and mature. The necessity for social distance and the lack of normal interpersonal contact has proven to be too much for many. It is possible to transform your life during the Pandemic from an experience of hurt, fear, loneliness, depression, and isolation to a process of profound awakening.

Too many are very confused about “freedom.” We see angry, aggressive, and assaultive behavior justified in the name of personal freedom. Freedom is NOT about doing whatever you want at the expense of others. True Freedom is found when your peace and happiness is not totally defined by your outer circumstance. If you are in constant reaction to your environment, relationships, and circumstances, you are like a small boat thrown around the sea in a massive storm. If you want to be FREE, learn to master yourself! Freedom is found when we learn to recognize the difference between our limited ego and our essential spiritual nature, the soul, and chose the latter.

As I said, it takes courage to look within and confront our early wounds that may unconsciously define us. When we do not perceive our deepest wounds and choose to live in denial, we cannot heal the hurt, open our hearts to forgiveness, genuinely love ourselves, and unlock the door to the profound realization of our true spiritual nature. In order to fully realize our inner Light, we must acknowledge, accept, and make peace with our shadow. Pretending never to be angry, jealous, envious, afraid, or depressed, is not a viable pathway to self-realization and joy. We grow stronger when we have the courage to confront our fears and heal our pain.

A depth of love and wisdom resides within. When we fail to realize our true nature, we cannot fully love and respect ourselves. Until we awaken to the love that is within, we cannot create that love in our lives. The Love Factor Inventory Process is really a pathway to the Self. It can be a process to transcend the ego and embrace the soul, not as an abstraction, but a true realization and experience of love. However, we must confront and move through our fear in order to realize our greater Self.

The greatest skill in coaching is to be able to ask the “right” questions. The LFI can be a guided process to deepen self-exploration, self-understanding, and transformation. It is difficult to change and transform what we don’t know: Awareness gives us Personal Power! The LFI Process combines the best of both psychological and spiritual approaches. It is not enough to know WHAT we have to do, we need to know HOW to do it.

If you would like to discuss your result from the Free Introspective Guide and see how the LFI Process might be helpful to you, please contact me or one of our certified LFI Coaches.
Please use this link to view the Professional Certified Directory, https://www.lovefactorinventory.com/certified-professional-directory/

If you have not taken the Free Introspective Guide, you can access it with this link: https://www.lovefactorinventory.com/lfi-introspective-guide/

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider this offer.

  • I feel unfilled in life.
  • I have trouble being alone.
  • I am not happy in my most important relationships.
  • I seem to get in my own way.
  • I have trouble connecting with others.
  • I feel anxious in many situations.
  • My life lacks purpose.
  • My life lacks joy.

If you are a Certified Coach or Licensed Therapist and are interested in how you might integrate the LFI Process into your practice, please contact me.

Wishing you clarity, strength, and peace,

Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D.

© 2022 Copyright. Love Factor Inventory, LLC & Ronald L Mann, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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